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RAQS Consultant: What's New in RAQS

Updated: June 7, 2019


NEW Monthly RAQS assignment award information is now available. Click the below document to download the list of awards in the last 2 months.
Engineering Services Awards April 1- May 31, 2019-Open Data.pdf

Updated: May 28, 2019

All Pavements Design Engineering Consultants

Consultants providing pavement design services to the Ministry should include MTO GreenPave assessment as part of the pavement design alternative evaluation.

Below are the MTO GreenPave reference guide, worksheet, and presentation on how to carry out the assessment.

How To Do MTO Green Pave AssessmentHow to do MTO GreenPave Assessment.pdf
Green Pave Reference GuideGreenPave Ref-Guide (November 2017).pdf
Green Pave Rating WorksheetGreenPave Rating Worksheet (March 2014).xls

For more information, contact Susanne Chan at Susanne.chan@ontario.ca

Updated: May 16, 2019

All Pavements Design Engineering Consultants using M-E Design

Consultants using AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design software version 2.5 onwards should refer to the “Ontario’s Default Parameters for AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design – Interim Report 2019” for updated user input and local calibration requirements.

Ontario's Default Parameters for AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design-Interim Report 2019.pdf

The file is posted in the MTO library link provided below:


For more information, contact Warren Lee at Warren.Lee@ontario.ca

Updated: March 5, 2019


The Ministry of Transportation RAQS Engineering Services Providers (ESP) will soon begin the move to an upgraded version of the MERX integrated vendor and solicitation management solution. The RAQS ESP portal will be implemented in phases, starting on March 6, 2019, with ESP firms registering on the system to receive a new login ID and password. In Spring 2019, ESP firms will be able to view and bid electronically on contract opportunities advertised on the RAQS ESP bulletin board. By summer 2019, RAQS ESP qualification and performance management phases will be complete.

By taking advantage of the new MERX technology, you will encounter a more immersive, social and interactive procurement experience. The new RAQS ESP portal takes you to a user-friendly and efficient MERX system that will allow you to manage your participation in the tender process for RAQS ESP contracts.

As a subscriber, you will benefit from the various site features and take advantage of new and enhanced features, available in Spring 2019, such as:
    • New user experience
    • Electronic bid submissions and intent to bid
    • Follow solicitations
    • Award Management
    • Dashboard Reporting

RAQS ESP open solicitation notices will be posted through the portal. When you view RAQS ESP opportunities, you will gain access to a new and powerful user experience designed to help you find, monitor, and pursue opportunities.

RAQS ESP strives to continuously improve its business processes to further develop vendor relationships and consistently find best value for needed engineering services.
Should you have any questions, contact the MERX customer service team. Call us at 1-800-964-6379 or email us at raqs@merx.com, Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time.

Updated: February 8, 2019

Advanced Claims Dispute Resolution Training

When: March 6-7, 2019 and March 19-20, 2019

Where: Garden City Tower Conference Centre, 301 St. Paul Street, 2nd floor, St. Catharines, ON

Cost: In order to register you must provide a valid Credit Card, It will only be charged ($300) upon non submission of the official exam, not showing up when registered or incomplete attendance in the course.

Deadline to register: February 13, 2019

Requirements for registration: Email Meggan.mcconnell@Ontario.ca or call 905-704-2638
Please identify the following:

  1. in order of preference which date you would like to attend
  2. a valid credit card
  3. your name, company name and current job title

Registration is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from MTO.
Based on identified needs there may be additional courses offered at a later date.

Target Audience: Consultant Contract Administration Staff: Project Managers, Contract Administrators

Purpose: This course has been developed for Consultant Contract Administration that already have experience with claims. It will enhance the knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures required for the effective evaluation of Claims arising from disputes during a Construction project. Participants will gain an understanding of the skills, knowledge and resources that are critical for the successful analysis and resolution of disputes arising through the course of administering a Capital Construction Contract.

Objectives: This course is designed to provide Consultant Contract Administration with the necessary tools and resources to effectively analyze, evaluate and resolve disputes arising from the administration of large and/or complex MTO Construction Contracts; and to provide support to other levels of the dispute resolution process as necessary. *This course will not cover any information on the upcoming adjudication process.

Topics: ♦ Understanding the process ♦ Overview of the Referee process ♦ Analyzing Claim packages ♦ Preparing response to the Contractor ♦ Claim negotiations

    Methodology: Two-day classroom training. Presentations will be used to review and examine key elements of dispute resolution. Workshop activities will be used to reinforce applications. Evaluation of Concepts will be through a written examination on the afternoon of day 2.

    ** A successful grade on this exam is necessary to qualify to bid on MTO Contract Administration Contracts.
Materials needed:
§Post-it Notes
§Copy of General Conditions

Advanced Claims Dispute Resolution.pdf

Updated: February 4, 2019


To: Firms Registered in RAQS for Surveying

AutoCAD 2016 and Civil 3D 2016 Implementation for Surveying

The Geomatics function of the Ministry of Transportation is upgrading Autodesk software for the Surveying specialties. AutoCAD 2016 and Civil 3D 2016 will be the Ministry’s standard software for Surveying assignments.

MTO standards files and customizations for AutoCAD and Civil 3D 2016 are available for download from the MTO FTP web site under IESCAD: http://www.xfer.mto.gov.on.ca/PTASapps/index.htm .

New Surveying assignments tendered for 2019 will require MTO deliverables to be compatible with these new software versions. Note that the 2016 Autodesk software saves natively to the 2013 .dwg format, as did the 2013 versions.

Ongoing assignments may be completed using the current software. Occasionally special requests may still require deliverables in older formats, therefore consultants are advised to retain previous software versions.

For additional information or questions please contact:
Ron Berg, Chief Surveyor, 905 704 2330. ron.berg@ontario.ca
Peter Lamb, Deputy Chief Surveyor, 905 704 2128. peter.lamb@ontario.ca

Updated: December 21, 2018



Please be advised the Ministry of Transportation is changing the RAQS Toll Free Line for Service Providers.

Effective December 20, 2018, Consultants are to contact the Qualification Control Section for any inquiries regarding the Ministry’s Consultant Registry Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS).

The Qualification Control Section can be reached by:

Telephone at 1-905-704-2144, or

E-mail at QualificationControl@ontario.ca

The previous RAQS Help Desk E-mail and toll-free phone line will remain active until February 14, 2019. In the interim, all inquiries made to the previous RAQS Help Desk will be directed to the Qualification Control Section.

Updated: October 3, 2018


New Automated Tax Compliance Verification Process

The Ontario Government has automated the mandatory Tax Compliance Verification (TCV) process for businesses bidding on provincial contracts valued at $25,000 or above.

Effective September 14, 2018, service providers registered with the Ministry of Transportation’s Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS) are required to confirm compliance with provincial tax obligations, including those federally administered for Ontario, using a new self-serve portal. The TCV portal replaces the existing Tax Compliance Declaration Form and allows service providers to check their compliance status at any time online, and obtain a TCV number to provide to procuring ministries.

Service providers in RAQS are required to complete a TCV at the time of registration and on an annual basis. Tax compliance verification is required to be eligible to bid on MTO contracts.

What are the steps in this new process?

Before you can verify your tax compliance status, your business will need to have a ONe-key ID. Visit ONe-key Account Registration to set up an account.

    1. To get your TCV number: Register for E-Services
    2. Select e-Services from My Services
    3. Select or Add a Business on the e-services page
    4. Select TCV (you will be redirected to the portal)
    5. In the portal, select Request TCV Number on the TCV page
    6. If necessary, attach the Filing and Balance Confirmation (FBC) Letter (if required) and select Next
    7. Select View Summary to review compliance summary
    8. Download TCV Certificate (optional)
    9. Provide your email to receive alerts about your account status

After completing the steps above, service providers can submit their TCV number and a copy of their FBC letter to MTO Qualification Control as part of their RAQS initial registration or at the time of annual renewal.

For more information about the TCV program visit the Supply Chain Ontario website.

For MTO specific inquiries, contact MTO Qualification Control by email at QualificationControl@ontario.ca, or by phone at (905) 704-2144

MTO Tax Compliance Verification (TCV) Instructions.pdf

Updated: April 13, 2018


Elimination of Quality Verification Engineer and Replacement with New Acceptance System

New specifications have been implemented in CPS as of March 8th for use on Contracts advertised after April 1st, 2018. New Contract Administration RFP and RFQ versions have been made available for use to MTO staff as of March 15, 2018 for impacted projects. A new CAITM Amendment is now available for use as of March 15, 2018 on RAQS/MERX.

The summaries of specifications impacted are included below:

Appendix One.docx
Appendix One.pdf

Updated: February 9, 2018


NEW! As of February 9th, RAQS is adding a new specialty “Quality Oversight, Audit & Inspection – Prestressed Precast Concrete Production Facilities”, under the Construction Administration Grouping/Category. Please visit the Specialties Criteria link under Construction Administration for the specific criteria for this specialty. Service Providers are encouraged to prepare submissions as soon as possible. MTO will be posting an Request for Quotation for future work once there are service providers qualified under this specialty.

Updated: January 28, 2017

All Pavements and Foundations Engineering Consultants

The gINT MTO library template is now available for download.

Consultants providing borehole investigation service to the Ministry should follow this gINT MTO template to ensure consistency.

MTO Library Sept 19, 2016.glb mto project template (revised September 19, 2016).gpj

The borehole log, grain size distribution and plasticity chart should follow the format in the files provided below.

ontario_mto_bh (modified July 23 2015).pdf ontario_mto_gs.pdf ontario_mto_pc.pdf

User is required to have gINT installed on the computer to open the gINT library file.

For more information, contact Susanne Chan at: Susanne.chan@ontario.ca

Updated: September 13, 2017


The following specialties under the Engineering Materials Testing and Evaluation category are being discontinued:

Bituminous - Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design Testing;
Concrete - Concrete Strength Testing;
Concrete - Field Testing of Concrete;
Concrete - Grout Testing;
Concrete - High Performance Concrete Cylinders;
Concrete - Total Chloride Ion in Concrete

The specialty of Bituminous-Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design Testing will be administered by means of the
lists posted on the ‘Qualified Laboratories’ section of RAQS, at the following address: http://www.raqs.merx.com/public/bulletin/bulletin.jsf

For the above-noted Concrete Specialties, Qualification for concrete testing on MTO contracts will continue to be administered by means of the lists posted on the ‘Qualified Laboratories’ section of RAQS, at the following address:


Updated: January 31, 2017

Updated MTO Surface Course Directive – PHM-C-001

Recently, the Ministry of Transportation formalized the update of the surface course directive PHM-C-001. Below is the latest version of the directive to be applied immediate for any pavement design works.

Surface Course PHM-C-001 (Dec 2014) Final.pdf

For more information, contact Susanne Chan at: Susanne.chan@ontario.ca

Updated: January 8, 2010

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (ASCS) Training Requirements

The Province of Ontario’s accessibility legislation requires ministries to adhere to the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (ASCS) regulated under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005.

In order to comply with the AODA accessible customer service training requirements (O. Reg. 429/07, [s. 6]) the Ministry of Transportation shall require that the “Supplier” provide to every employee, agent or volunteer or other persons associated with the “Supplier” who deals with members of the public or other third parties on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation training about provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities.

The “Supplier” shall keep records of the abovementioned training, including the dates on which the training is provided and the number of individuals to whom it is provided, and shall provide documentation of the training to the Ministry of Transportation on request.

These training requirements can be fulfilled by completing the e-Learning course Serve-Ability: Transforming Ontario's Customer Service. Additional information and resources are provided in the attached document.

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service - Training Requirements.pdf

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